Questions and Answers

780. Whom does the word “Church” designate? (CCC 777) The word “Church” designates those “convoked” by Jesus Christ in order to become His Body.
781. In which sense is the Church the goal of God’s plan? (CCC 778) The Church is the goal of God’s plan in the sense of her being:
1. prefigured in creation
2. prepared for in the Old Testament
3. founded by Jesus Christ
4. fulfilled by Christ’s death and Resurrection
5. manifested as the mystery of salvation by the Holy Spirit
6. destined to be perfected in the glory of heaven.
782. Why is the Church both visible and spiritual? (CCC 779) The Church is both visible and spiritual, because she is both human and divine.
783. Why can the Church be called a “sacrament”? (CCC 780) The Church can be called a “sacrament” in an analogical sense, because - like a sacrament - she is the sign and instrument of the communion of God with men.