Questions and Answers

1121. What is a sacrament? (CCC 1131) A sacrament is:
1. an efficacious sign of grace
2. instituted by Jesus Christ
3. entrusted to the Church.
1122. Through what two types of priesthood does the Church celebrate the sacraments? (CCC 1132) The Church celebrates the sacraments through:
1. the baptismal priesthood of all the faithful
2. the priesthood of ordained ministers.
1123. How does the Holy Spirit prepare the faithful for the sacraments? (CCC 1133) The Holy Spirit prepares the faithful for the sacraments:
1. by faith contained in a well-disposed heart
2. by the Word of God.
1124. How is the fruit of sacramental life both personal and ecclesial? (CCC 1134) The fruit of sacramental life is:
1. personal, because it is life for God in Jesus Christ
2. ecclesial, because it is an increase in charity and in the Church’s mission.