Questions and Answers

2712. What are the four sources of prayer? (CCC 2652-2660) The four sources of prayer are:
1. the word of God
2. the Liturgy
3. the theological virtues
4. the events of each day.
2713. Why should prayer accompany the reading of Sacred Scripture? (CCC 2653) Prayer should accompany the reading of Sacred Scripture so that a dialogue takes place between God and man.
2714. What heart does the word of God dispose? (CCC 2654) The word of God disposes the praying heart that:
1. seeks in reading
2. finds in meditating
3. knocks in mental prayer
4. finds opening by contemplation.
2715. Why must prayer accompany the celebration of the Liturgy? (CCC 2655) Prayer must accompany the celebration of the Liturgy in order to internalize and assimilate the Liturgy during and after its celebration.
2716. By what narrow gate does one enter into prayer? (CCC 2656) One enters into prayer by the narrow gate of faith.
2717. Why is hope important in prayer? (CCC 2657) Hope is important in prayer, because we pray in expectation of Christ’s return.
2718. Why is love the source of prayer? (CCC 2658) Love is the source of prayer, because the love by which we are loved in Christ enables us to respond to Him by loving as He has loved us.