Questions and Answers

2749. What does the Church ask from the saints? (CCC 2692) The Church asks from the saints their intercession.
2750. What are the schools of Christian spirituality? (CCC 2693) The schools of Christian spirituality are bearers of the Church’s tradition of prayer and guides for the spiritual life.
2751. What is the first place for education in prayer? (CCC 2694) The first place for education in prayer is the Christian family.
2752. Who are the guides of prayer in the Church? (CCC 2695) The guides of prayer in the Church are:
1. the bishops, priests and deacons
2. the religious
3. the catechists
4. prayer groups
5. spiritual directors.
2753. What are the most appropriate places for prayer? (CCC 2696) The most appropriate places for prayer are:
1. the church
2. personal oratories
3. monasteries
4. places of pilgrimage.