Questions and Answers

863. How does Eph 4 explain the oneness of the Church? (CCC 866) Eph 4 explains the oneness of the Church through the presence of one Body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one Faith, one baptism.
864. Why is the Church holy? (CCC 867) The Church is holy, because Christ made her holy through His Passion.
865. Why is the Church catholic? (CCC 868) The Church is catholic, because she:
1. contains all means of salvation
2. is sent to all people of all times.
866. Why is the Church apostolic? (CCC 869) The Church is apostolic, because she is founded:
1. on the witness
2. the doctrine
3. the successors of the apostles.
867. What does it mean that Christ’s Church “subsists” in the Catholic Church? (CCC 870) That Christ’s Church “subsists” in the Catholic Church means that:
1. the Catholic Church is the Church of Christ
2. there are elements of sanctification and truth outside the Church’s visible confines.